Thea + Andrew | Minneapolis Winter Engagement

January 29, 2020

These two. SWEETEST humans ever. Thea is the kind of girl who is always up for an adventure — even in heels. Andrew is so kind, patient, and helpful (peep him helping put on Thea’s shoes!). We had a blast walking around Minneapolis and you can hardly tell it

Keely + Jimmy | Minnesota Engagement

June 12, 2019

I’m not normally a spring lover (where my fellow fall and winter lovers at?!), but when spring includes boats, floral trees, gorgeous greens, and cute couples, I’m in! Outgoing clients are my jam, and couples that appreciate me being outgoing results in taking photos on a stranger’s boat after

Erin + Luke | Pizza Engagement

April 07, 2019

Puppies, pizza, and the most perfect couple?! Excuse me if I’m squealing just a little. For those of you who know me, you know this was probably my most bucket-list-worthy session EVER. Luke + Erin are a PRIME example of incorporating all your favorite things into your engagement session.

Rachel + Zach | Bloomington, Minnesota Couple

November 16, 2018

I seriously love winter. The music, the atmosphere, the sweatpants (I live in sweatpants), and the snow. Such a magical time of year and I’m so obsessed with every second of it! I equally love clients who embrace the cold and use it as an excuse to cuddle and

Alexa + Cody | Destination Engagement Session in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

March 27, 2018

To say that Alexa + Cody’s destination engagement session was a blast would be a complete understatement! We had so much fun exploring their Mexico resort and I secretly think they loved the water portion the best 😉 Stay tuned for more photos from their Mexico destination wedding day!

Alyssa + Brett | Minneapolis, Minnesota Engagement Session

March 10, 2018

I can’t believe it’s almost spring already! Where did the winter go? If you’re like me, you love the winter, but about this time of year, I think we all yearn for a little bit of warmth and sunshine. Which takes me to one of the coldest sessions of

Rachel + Austin’s Winter Engagement Session | Minneapolis, Minnesota

February 02, 2018

If you know me, you know I love everything to do with winter! Rachel and Austin’s engagement session was so fun exploring the town and enjoying all the cuddles to stay warm. I can’t believe its almost time for spring, and soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the snow

Leah + Ryan | Engagement

January 08, 2018

Leah and Ryan’s engagement session will forever hold a place in my heart as their session took place the morning of my own engagement!! It was such a magical session that was filled with laughter, beer, and coffee…basically heaven. I love love love these two and I can’t WAIT for

Samantha + Joe | Destination Engagement

January 01, 2018

Jamaica! A new place of exploration for me this year. Needless to say, I LOVED IT, and I loved these two! Meet Sam and Joe: dated for 12 years, both down to earth, and both up for anything! Their day was so full of love, emotions, and a lot

Andrea + Eric | Engagement

December 13, 2017

Can we all just build a cute little cabin and live at Taylors Falls forever please?! Seriously one of my favorite places to shoot and explore! So excited for Andrea + Eric’s wedding next year! They’re honestly one of the cutest couples ever and I couldn’t stop smiling around

We might be long lost best friends if...

Your idea of a perfect date is anything with chocolate, sushi, pizza, wine, or coffee.

We might be long lost best friends if...

You think exploring is the best part of a photo shoot.

We might be long lost best friends if...

You believe that clothes are meant to get dirty.

We might be long lost best friends if...

You laugh at terrible jokes (and somehow that makes the jokes funny).

We might be long lost best friends if...

You love trying new things!

We might be long lost best friends if...

You believe that sweatpants are one of God’s greatest gifts.

We might be long lost best friends if...

You have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

We might be long lost best friends if...

You’re excited to get some awesome photos, but you’re looking forward to the experience even more!

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