Romantic Bed and Breakfast Styled Wedding

September 15, 2017

25 days after they met, Alexa sent Ryan this incredible poem. So of course, Forever Bride and their team of amazing vendors just had to capture their love in the most authentic way possible.

My Darling Ry,
I think I’ve been dreaming of you my whole life.

Not consciously, not in a way that I ever hoped I would actually meet you, but in the way that when I saw your blue eyes my heart immediately seized, and I looked away as fast as I could because I thought that there was no way you would ever want to be with me, it couldn’t possibly be as easy as having you be there in front of me.

From the moment you made me laugh to the moment my leg touched yours, I was in love. I felt my heart stirring through the night, and when I woke up, that was it. I loved you. I knew you and I wanted to be with you, more than anything in the world.

I’ve never been one for decisions made easy or final but with you, there was no debate, no question, no wondering. I wanted to be with you; my heart needed to be with you. In the moments of your unsureness, I wanted to give you the world. I would stand by your side endlessly, if you would have me.

I did not like you, I loved you. I did not want to be your friend, I wanted to be your dear friend, your best friend, the one who bled for your dreams as much as you did, the one who would take your hand and look at your eyes and say “you’re the most wonderful human this earth has know; you can do anything.”

My soul dances with yours, and when you leave me it is baffled. When we kiss goodbye it laughs, knowing better than I that you should never really be leaving, you should never really be farther than my side in the deep hours of the night.

“Home” has a tinge to it unless I am thinking of you.

I look at you and I see my future. I see trees and laughter and babes and your eyes, never wavering from mine, and I know your calloused hands will always be there to hold me. That as long as my soul is intertwined with yours, no earthly thing can uproot us.

Yours Always,

Ok, if you’re not tearing up by now, we have a problem.

Shout out to this amazing team of wedding professionals who made this shoot a reality!

photography // Uppercase L Photography

planning + design // Simply Gypsy Events

gown // The Wedding Connection

hair + makeup // Glamour Beauty

engraved necklace // Stella & Dot

robe // Oh Sugar Studio

venue // The Outing Lodge

floral design // Couture Fleur

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